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Chonbuk National University Museum (전북대박물관)
Ancient Manuscripts and Documents from Southwestern Korea
Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea (문화재청)
Important Documentary Heritage Full-text Database
National Cultural Heritage Database
Dongguk University Library (동국대중앙도서관)
Buddhist Culture Database
Gyujanggak Archives at Seoul National University (서울대학교 규장각)
Antique maps kept in the Gyujanggak Archives
Introductions to old books kept by Gyujanggak
Catalogue of materials kept by Gyujanggak
Government records in the modern era
Records of daily affairs kept by Gyujanggak
Daily Record of the Royal Secretariat
Records of Daily Reflection
Book plates
Full-text Classics Database
Independence Hall of Korea (독립기념관)
Displayed materials of the Independence Hall of Korea
Historic sites of the independence movement
The roster of those performing meritorious deeds in the independence movement
Declarations and written appeals
Newspaper articles during Imperial Japan’s colonial rule
Korean Independence Movement Information System
Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics (한국고전번역원)
The collection of Korean literary classics translated into the modern Korean language
Daily Record of Royal Secretariat translated into the modern Korean language
Records of Daily Reflection translated into the modern Korean language
The collection of Korean Classic Work Originals
Integrated Database of Korean Classics
Jongyeonggak at Sungkunkwan University (성균관대 존경각)
Materials concerning the study of Confucianism in Korea
Korea Democracy Foundation (민주화운동기념사업회)
Historical materials concerning the democratization movement
Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) (한국교육학술정보원)
National Research Database
Korean Women's Development Institute (한국여성정책연구원)
Materials concerning women organizations’ activities
Materials concerning cultural affairs and education for women
Materials concerning women-related policies
Materials concerning the history of women’s life as community members
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (국가보훈처)
History of independence movements
The collection of materials concerning independence movements
Recording of testimonies by meritorious contributors to the independence movement
Materials concerning Korean Volunteer Troops’ Activities
Historical materials concerning independence movements carried out overseas
Muncheongak at Gyeongsang National University (경상대학교 문천각)
Full-text Database of Ancient Manuscripts Related to the Confucian School of Nammyeong
Record of affairs concerning Gyeongsang-u-do province
The collection of literary works made by Confucian scholars in Gyeongsang-u-do Province
Old literature database on Jo Sik
Old literature on friends and disciples of Jo Sik
National Archives of Korea (국가기록원)
Archives of the Government-General of Joseon
Texts of Court Rulings in Cases Related to the Korean Independence Movement
Land Registry Records
Gwanbo (Government Gazette)
Japanese Colonial Period School Building Drafts
Community and Local History
National Folk Museum of Korea (국립민속박물관)
National Institute of Korean History (국사편찬위원회)
Official letters between the central government and provincial offices
History of King Gojong's reign
Official documents of the Border Defense Council
Documents from the Military Government Headquarters
Daily Record of the Royal Secretariat
The collection of Lee Seung-man’s? letters
History of 36 Years of imperial Japanese Colonial Rule
Material-History of the Republic of Korea
Documents of the Residency-General of Iimperial Japan
Newspaper articles in modern times
Materials concerning distinguished Koreans in modern times
Materials from magazines in modern times
Materials concerning history of Korea independence movements
The Collection of Korean Historical Materials
The collection of materials concerning the history of Korean Independence Movements
The collection of documents concerning Korean resistance to imperial Japan’s colonial rule
Korean History Information Database
Korean History Database Services
Joseon Wangjo Sillok (Annals of the Joseon Dynasty)
Korean History Sources Overseas
Hanguksa Yeongu Hwibo (Korean History Bulletin)
National Library of Korea (국립중앙도서관)
Korean Classics Catalog Database
Government-General of Joseon Gwanbo Database
National Research Foundation (한국연구재단)
Basic Academic Resource Center
National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (국립문화재연구소)
Cultural Heritage Research Information Database
The Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원)
Database of successful passers in gwageo (national examination)
Dictionary on the names of government posts
Cultural and historical materials of the Royal Household
Old documents kept by reputable families
Family name and place of family origin
Unofficial history and records of daily events
The collection of seal impressions
The collection of person and place names
The collection of Korean oral literature
Pictorial materials concerning Korean culture
The collection of Korean folk songs
The collection of Korean dialectal materials
Basic dictionary of Korean history
Database of notable Korean figures
Old Documents in Korea
Glossary of Korean Studies
Old documents kept at Dosan Seowon
The collection of literary works of scholars in Yeongnam
Documentary and Archaeological Heritage of the Confucian World Database
The Myongji University Center for Korean Studies (명지대 국제한국학연구소)
Full-text Database of Ancient Western Books on Korea-related Subjects
The War Memorial of Korea (전쟁기념관)
Materials concerning the War and Military Information