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Full-text Classics Database (고전원문정보DB)
The Full-text Korean Studies Classics Database of the kyujanggak Archives was created through a 1999 project by the now-defunct Ministry of Information and Communication, to compile history classics of Korea into a comprehensive database. Under this project ended in 2007, classics held by the Kyujanggak Archives are classified by year, name of reign, article title as well as source document, catalog and bibliographical information. The database offers an extensive set of Sino-Korean character search options, including character search, horizontal search by data, comparative search, character input and comparative search through Joseon Wangjo Sillok. 20,330 of 275,946 total books held by the Kyujanggak Archives have been digitalized and incorporated into this database, Korea’s only databse of its kind and scope, for full-text service.
규장각 한국학고전원문정보DB는 1999년도에 정보통신부에서 고전적자료에 대한 국학진흥사업을 추진하여 대대적으로 역사분야 DB화를 실시한 부산물이다. 2007년도까지 진행했던 이 사업은 규장각소장 고전적 자료를 년도별, 왕명별, 기사별, 주요자료별, 목록별, 해재별 등으로 구분하고 한적자료의 특징인 한자 검색을 극대화하여 한자검색, 자료별 횡적검색, 비교검색, 한자자전입력, 실록비교검색 등 규장각 소장 총 275,946책중 약 20,330책을 DB화 하여 서비스 되도록 구축한 국내 유일한 DB이다.